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Tip of the Month

posted 20 Sept 2012, 05:33 by Joel Penrose
Be Patient Against Pushers!
At one time or another, we all find ourselves losing to a "pusher" - someone who just hits the ball back and dosen't play aggressively but rather waits for you to make a mistake. You know your strokes are better, you beat players they lose to. Not to worry, you're in good company. Most of us have struggled defeating this kind of player. If this happens to you, there is still hope,but more than likely you'll need to exercise more patience if you want to finally prevail over the slow hitting, human backboard while you get out of your own way.
When playing pushers, be mindful of your tendancy to become overly impatient or conservative. Given that they can't hurt you with any shots, you don't need to rush your shots. Also, if you have lost to this type of player in the past, it is easy to get overly emotional! Make sure you aren't going for too much at inappropriate times or protecting against errors. Even with a pre match game plan, it is easy to get frustrated at the slightest sign that the match is headed in the wrong direction...... again! Naturally, since your goal is to get the upper hand on this particular player, and win the match, your mind will be very susceptible to the score. Avoid the tendancy to give up too soon or think too black and white just because of past results.  So many people say to me " I always lose to pushers. I can't beat these types of players"
Beating players we have lost to but whom we feel we can beat takes great patience and a willingness to work the point and not to force opportunities prematurely.
Of course, this mentality becomes even more challenging against players who don't give you much pace, because you have more time to think and hesitate. Remember, these types of players want to suck you into playing, their game or have you explode and go for too much since they don't have the shots to hurt you!
Before the match, commit to your game plan. Have the mind-set that you will work the point and capitalize on opportunities when they present themselves. avoid forcing your shots. This approach will translate into more composure and less muscle tension, allowing you to execute the shots you need. Pretty soon, you will view pushers as just another challenge you can overcome.

Damian Lane