BTC Data Protection Policy

Policy statement
1. Basildon Tennis Club (the Club) will only hold data on its members (of any category)
that it requires to run the Club efficiently.

Collection and holding of data

2. Details of members, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and
emergency contacts will be collected using the Club’s on line application form; for
junior members (under 18 years) their date of birth will also be collected and held.

The application form will include a section that allows the member (or junior member)
to give (or withhold) permission for the Club to hold the members details and to
include them on the electronic list of members. This data will be compiled into a full
electronic list.

3. A nominated committee member (currently the Treasurer) will hold the full list but
only he/ she will have access. There will also be a short list, available to committee
members on request for running the Club, which will include only the members’
names, telephone numbers and email addresses.

4. At any time members can:
a. withdraw consent for their details to be included on the list;
b. request their details to be amended;
c. withdraw permission for the Club to contact them by email, telephone or post;
d. change their consent regarding how the Club is to contact them;
e. ask to see their own personal data held on the list

Use and storage of data
5. The listing compiled from the on line applications will be held securely by the
nominated committee member at their home address.

6. The Club will only use personal data to contact members in matters relating to the
Club and to tennis. The method of contact will use the method(s) requested by the

7. The electronic list will not be shared with individuals or organisations outside the

8. If any committee member thinks that the data has been viewed or hacked by anyone
else, the Committee will be informed immediately. The Committee will decide what
action needs to be taken, including informing the Information Commissioner’s Office
(if necessary).

Archiving and destroying data
9. When a member leaves the Club, their details will be removed from the electronic list.

10. With the implementation of the GDP Regulations in May 2018, current Club members
will be informed of this policy by email. Current members will be asked to confirm
their consent for their personal data to be held by the Club. Members will be
informed that if they do not give this consent, their details will be removed from the
list and the Club will no longer be able to contact them.

Policy maintenance
11. This policy will be reviewed at Annual General Meetings.

BTC Data Protection Policy Version 1 – May 2018